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Perry Family of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties South Carolina

Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth Perry Boren

Perry 1690 - 1841
Benjamin and James Perry of Virginia
Rich Hill Plantation
John Madison Perry
Liberty Hill Day 1
Liberty Hill houses Day 1
Lancaster Day 2
Henry (Hal) Brown Perry and Amelia Ragsdale Perry
Henry (Hal B) Brown Perry,Jr
Jane Curry Perry Carlisle
Anna Mae Perry Wood
Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth Perry Boren
Bessie (Betty) Amelia Perry Kirk
William Ragsdale (Bill) Perry
Texas Perrys
The Ragsdale line
Florida Perrys
Bessie Perry Hines and Cornelia Perry Scott
Alexander Wilmot Matheson
A Play
Born: 8 Oct 1909
Died:  14 Dec 2002
Married:   20 Apr 1935 to John Archibald Boren (born 11 Nov 1905, died: 2 Oct 1975 NC)
  4 daughters ; 3 still living.
   Grandchildren: 8
   Great Grandchildren: 6