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Perry Family of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties South Carolina

Lancaster Day 2

Perry 1690 - 1841
Benjamin and James Perry of Virginia
Rich Hill Plantation
John Madison Perry
Liberty Hill Day 1
Liberty Hill houses Day 1
Lancaster Day 2
Henry (Hal) Brown Perry and Amelia Ragsdale Perry
Henry (Hal B) Brown Perry,Jr
Jane Curry Perry Carlisle
Anna Mae Perry Wood
Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth Perry Boren
Bessie (Betty) Amelia Perry Kirk
William Ragsdale (Bill) Perry
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The Ragsdale line
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Bessie Perry Hines and Cornelia Perry Scott
Alexander Wilmot Matheson
A Play
Saturday, 21 August 2004
       We gathered at 407 Chesterfield Avenure to begin the day.  The new owner gave us a grand tour, even though he was in the midst of renovations.  Bill Evans and Marynell provided the group with memories of how the "house was" when they lived there.
       After a fast food lunch, we caravaned to Douglass Presbyterian Church cemetery to see more family stones.  Included were Hal Brown and Amelia Ragsdale Perry, as well as the Beckham kin. 
        Then on to the Wade-Beckham house, with a super tour by our  "Kissing Kin", Jan Beckham Duke.  She and husband Bill have renovated the house to a showplace and we spent a lot of time ohhing and ahhing.  Sadly Cousin Julia Beckham had died on the previous Monday.
         The Home Place, Belltown house, was the last stop for most of us.  The present owner Mr Skylar Bell (grandson of Roddy Bell who bought the house from the landbank) showed us around.  Several of us had remembrances to relate about the house that we had heard from our mother or father.  It was a fitting end to our SC roots tour.
Chesterfield Avenue
Perry - Hines

Wade Beckham House

Belltown house

Douglass Cemetery
John Madison Perry and Minnie Massey Perry