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Perry Family of Kershaw and Lancaster Counties South Carolina

John Madison Perry

Perry 1690 - 1841
Benjamin and James Perry of Virginia
Rich Hill Plantation
John Madison Perry
Liberty Hill Day 1
Liberty Hill houses Day 1
Lancaster Day 2
Henry (Hal) Brown Perry and Amelia Ragsdale Perry
Henry (Hal B) Brown Perry,Jr
Jane Curry Perry Carlisle
Anna Mae Perry Wood
Margaret (Margie) Elizabeth Perry Boren
Bessie (Betty) Amelia Perry Kirk
William Ragsdale (Bill) Perry
Texas Perrys
The Ragsdale line
Florida Perrys
Bessie Perry Hines and Cornelia Perry Scott
Alexander Wilmot Matheson
A Play

PVT John Madison Perry
4th SC Cav

Jane Curry Brown
Wedding picture

According to the information found in his obituary, he was first a member of the "Lancaster Greys but was transferred in 1862 to Co H, 4th S.C. Calvary, Capt Foster's old company, and remained with it until the close of the hostilites. "
From the great-great nephew of Capt Foster: "John M. Perry was a member of the Catawba Rangers, commanded by Captain John Cantzon Foster" who was also a pall bearer at his funeral in 1902.

see Obituary

Jane Curry Brown and John Madison Perry married in Kershaw County on  21 April 1864.  This photograph is her wedding picture.  He was probably home on leave as the history of the 2nd SC Regiment indicates no major battles between 14 Dec 1863 and May 6-7, 1864 (The Wilderness, Virginia).   

After moving to Lancaster, SC, he taught school and was elected deputy Coronor.  He was holding an inquest at the time of his death, just outside Lancaster.

Born: 18 Mar 1841
Died:  6 Sep 1902
Married:  (1)  21 April 1864 Jane Curry Brown (1840-1881)
                  (2) 12 Dec 1882  Mary (Minnie) Massey, his cousin. There were no children from this union.  Minnie's paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Perry.  She was also a sister of Dr J. R. Massey Jr, 1886 purchaser of the Wade Beckham mansion of Lancaster, SC. 
Cornelia Perry
Henry Brown Perry
Benjamin Starke Perry
Bessie Perry
John Madison Perry, Jr.